Legal information

Legal information

In the entire contents of the Internet domain neither personal attacks, nor sensitivities or speculations against named persons are taken over, but exclusively evidence results and facts.

All statements made here are based on information in court records of public court proceedings. In the summaries of content, proven facts are also marked with (F).

If there is no evidence that can be used in court, but there is circumstantial evidence and a reasonable suspicion, this is indicated in the text with (V).
Summaries of content require abridgements and can thus lead to misunderstandings.
The complete pleadings, including the documents submitted from the relevant court files, are therefore also available for download on this website for all the facts cited.
These documents contain all details of the matters discussed. All contents are case-specific to the proceedings presented and do not constitute a basis for any general behavioral assumptions beyond this.
All readers are hereby requested to form their own objective judgment on the basis of these open court files and evidentiary documents.
In all other respects, the presumption of innocence applies.
All the contents of the files, documents and certificates cited are also made available on this Internet domain for processing at any location.

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