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Fact 6: Provincial Court of Salzburg arbitrarily contradicts 2 final judgments and judicial appraisers to protect friendly criminals

Fact 6: LG Salzburg arbitrarily contradicts 2 legally binding judgments and court experts to protect friendly criminals

In the legal proceedings 16 Cg 95 / 02b before the regional court Korneuburg both the court expert Prof. Dr. med. Sobotka, as well as the renowned court-sworn written expert Dkfm. Dr. Werner Brandner, massive counterfeiting features of the will found. These falsification features were so clearly documented in the course of these reports by strong font enlargements and forensic movement analysis of each individual line that no unbiased judge could have the slightest doubt about this forgery.
All in all, therefore, three leading expert witnesses in Austria have clearly confirmed the forgery of the will and, after a thorough examination, have found the counter-expert opinion of SV Rettenbacher, manipulated by the LG Salzburg, to be completely untenable.

The Regional Court Korneuburg has therefore legally established in a judgment that the original court opinion of the Straflandesgericht Wien, the Sv. Nicponsky was completely correct, in which he has already established the willful forgery in 1997.

Based on these three expert appraisals and the judgment of the regional court Korneuburg, the district court Wr. Neustadt in a final judgment found that this will is forged.

Three expert witnesses and two courts have therefore examined the question of this forgery in detail and found the falsification of the will beyond doubt.

Nevertheless, the Regional Court of Salzburg is against these final, objective judgments and expert opinions by supporting a contrary judgment to protect the influential offenders only on the – by himself – manipulated counter-opinion of SV Rettenbacher.



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