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Barbara Hirschbäck, geb. Mayer-Rieckh (HUMANIC) Zell am See



Barbara Hirschbäck purposely cultivates her image in the public eye as “Madame Charity” with theoretically supportive aid projects, eg. for African children. To dispel legitimate suspicion, she celebrates in the public and in the Catholic parish to deceive potential donors a special Catholic faith.

Caution is advised.

Barbara Hirschbäck, shoe designer, was born on 6.8.1934 in Graz and is the daughter of the now deceased founder of the Humanic shoe chain Hans Mayer-Rieckh.

At the time of Hitler’s seizure of power in 1933, the Humanic Leder und Schuh AG, Graz had about 60 branches – exclusively in the small Austrian market.

The published company history of HUMANIC is silent about their profitable collaboration with the NAZI regime.
It only states that the HUMANIC shoe factory for the Nazi regime was badly damaged by Allied Liberation Army bombs.
The humanic-owner family Mayer-Rieckh, as shoe manufacturers for the Nazi regime, has amassed enough war profits to escape denazification and rebuild their destroyed factory.

Thanks to their contacts, the Mayer-Rieckh family in Austria was able to continue to do business immediately after the war and
to cooperate with submerged NAZIs in Austria in order to secure influential positions in Styria and in Austria’s judiciary.

As early as in the 1960s,due to their secured war profits,  the Mayer-Rieckh family was able to expand their businesses of Leder & Schuh AG and HUMANIC to Western Europe and Scandinavia.

B. Hirschbäck’s brother, Michael Mayer-Rieckh was also born in Graz on 18.8.1935 as son of the common father Hans Mayer-Rieckh.
Michael Mayer-Rieckh worked like his sister B. Hirschbäck in the former family business of his father Hans Mayer Rieckh, the Leder & Schuh AG (“Humanic”) in Graz.

After the sale Michael Mayer-Rieckh acted as Chief Shareholder and Chairman of the Supervisory Board of Humanic. At the same time he served as chairman of the supervisory board of Steiermärkische Sparkasse, as well as president of the Styrian Federation of Industrialists.

Barbara Hirschbäck – sister of the HUMANIC clan chief and principal owner Michael Mayer-Rieckh – collects at charity events in the Zell am See area over a long period high donations for the mission SIZANANI of a Father Karl Kuppelwieser in South Africa.

Father Kuppelwieser confirms by eulogy that he has not received the donation collected for him by Barbara Hirschbäck and Elisabeth Höfer .

Elisabeth Höfer, the wife of the former Salzburg SPÖ local politician and mayor of Zell am See, is a friend of B. Hirschbäck ans her family and supports this commercial donation fraud. (V)

One of the victims of this scam was Lydia Wagner, who regularly donated large sums of money and to which B. Hirschbäck, according to testimonies, “always came when she needed money for something.”

Covered offenses:

serious fraud, testamentary forgery, power of attorney forgery, signature forgery, donation fraud


Donation fraud for the South African mission “Sizanani” of the Father Karl Kuppelwieser

>> see File Straflandesgericht Vienna

Call for further victims:

Damaged victims of Barbara Hirschbäck / Mayer-Rieckh and Elisabeth Höfer are called to report to us and to submit documents for joint problem solving.


The legal presumption of innocence applies



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