Salzburg regional court:
orders the RESULT of an expert opinion in advance, to guard well connected criminals from prosecution.

The experienced court expert in writing at the Regional Court for Criminal Matters Vienna, Counselor F. Nicponsky, had previously confirmed in his expert opinion a forgery of will with “very high probability” (= 99% certainty).

Written expert opinions for the authentication of manuscripts can ONLY be obtained by examining the ORIGINAL deed and NEVER by using copies.
This is – technically undisputedly recognized – the minimum standard for expert opinions on the authenticity of manuscripts!

WITHOUT ever having presented the disputed will to the expert Rettenbacher in the original, the Salzburg Regional Court demands that it be determined in advance on an ordered expert opinion result for the protection of the Salzburg perpetrators Höfer.

Only after the expert witness Rettenbacher confirms to Judge Dr. Schmidbauer that he will contradict the present incriminating court opinion of the Vienna Criminal Court with the same – extremely high – degree of probability of 99 % will he receive the files with the will to be examined and all the allegedly “genuine” comparative manuscripts of the testator submitted by the forgers.

The – actually genuine – comparative manuscripts of the testator’s mother submitted by the aggrieved sole heir disappear from the court file before the expert opinion is prepared at the Salzburg Regional Court and never reach the expert witness Rettenbacher. The genuine comparative manuscripts are written quickly and dynamically and would massively contradict the expert opinion result ordered by the court. The Rettenbacher expert therefore never requests these genuine original manuscripts – which are presented in the files – but excludes these genuine comparative manuscripts from his expert opinion as “copies” that cannot be used by the expert.

In this way, groups of perpetrators with connections to the judiciary can expropriate in Austria EVERYONE without risk with forged documents – by order of a networked judge – and fraudulently misappropriate family property built up over generations.

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